Chapter 5, 30 March 1956


Chapter 5, 30 March 1956


Nadia Boulanger


Igor Stravinsky


30 March 1956


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Stravinsky to Boulanger
Good Friday, [March 30] 1956_
My very dear Nadia,
Happy Easter to you as well!
My cantata for Venice is called Canticum Sacrum—for tenor, baritone, choir, and a large
instrumental ensemble. Not long (17 minutes), somewhat difficult (particularly for the singers’
pitches). Latin text from the Vulgate. Vocal score will probably already appear in May, the full
score—after Venice. Ask Dr. E. Roth (B&H in London) to send you the second set of proofs that
I have just corrected—it will be easier, because here I have only manuscripts.
I just finished (and sent back to London) an important arrangement of J. S. Bach's Chorale and
five canonic variations—Vom Himmel hoch da komm' ich her—for instrumental ensemble and
choir. I will conduct it with my Canticum in Venice and Bob [will conduct it] here, at Ojai, in the
month of May.
Poor Marie Blanche! Was it a stroke?
I Str.
Stravinsky à Boulanger
vendredi Saint/[19]56
Tres chere Nadia,
Bonne Paques a vous egalement !
Ma cantate pour Venise s’apelle Canticum Sacrum—pour Tenor Bariton, Chœur et grand
ensemble instrumental. Pas long (17 minutes), assez difficile (surtout pour le pitch des
chanteurs). Texte latin de la Vulgata. Vocal score paraitra probablement deja en Mai, le full
score—apres Venise. Demandez Dr. E. Roth [sic] (B.&.H. a Londres) de vous envoyer la 2nde
epreuve que je viens de corriger—ce sera plus simple, car ici je n’ai que les manuscrits.
Je viens de terminer (et renvoyer a Londres) un arrangement important pour un ensemble
instrumental avec chœurs du Choral et 5 variations canoniques de J.S. Bach— Vom Himmel hoch
da komm’ ich her. Je vais le diriger avec mon Canticum a Venise et Bob ici, a Ojai au mois de
Pauvre Marie Blanche! Était-ce un stroke?
I Str.



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