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Bidloo and Cowper: Seventeenth Century Anatomical Conflicts


This collection will contain a series of illustrations and texts from three seventeenth century Dutch and English anatomical atlases, as well as…

Boulanger and the Stravinskys, Chapter 6 6_100.pdf

English translation and transcription of French originals from Chapter 6 of Kimberly Francis, Nadia Boulanger and the Stravinskys (University of…

First Impressions: Illustrated Printed Books in Renaissance Venice

Students in this class were asked to undertake original research on a variety of printed books produced in Venice in the Renaissance. Venice was the…

The Manuscripts and Correspondence Letters of Charles Darwin and His Colleagues


This collection of manuscripts and letters of correspondence of Charles Darwin and his colleagues identify and display the influence of their opinions…


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Kevin James' FYS - Extraordinary History of Stuff - Fall 2016