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Perfected Invalids Malt Extract Label. 5.5x9cm

Advertisement created by the Massey Harris Company between 1901 and 1909

He thanks Joseph Hooker for his objections to the mechanism of natural selection and he will respond by sending a fair copy of his manuscript when written.

Objections to the methods and conclusions of Charles Darwin's geological survey work.

John Henslow was made aware of a naturalist position available with Captain Robert FitzRoy aboard the H.MS. Beagle and offered it to Charles Darwin.

A letter sent from Thomas Huxley to Charles Darwin including a sketch (drawn by Huxley) of Darwin being worshiped as a bishop or saint.

This manuscript outlined the difference in growth rates between human populations and agricultural production, stating that human populations increased exponentially while agricultural production followed an arithmetic growth rate, implying that…

The manuscript of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by means of natural selection with the table of content provided as a brief overview of the work. This conveys how expansive his theory was, indicated by the huge variation in topics and concepts…
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