The Influence of Indian conquest on British fashion in the victorian era

Project Summary

This project endeavors to analyse the production and acquisition methods of the British market in Indian goods. As well as the effect the control of India which Britain held both through the East India Corporation and later through the Empress of India had to the citizens.  The project focuses specifically on the production of fashion goods thus not including many political or socio economic issues which occured within India during this period, though including the more prevalent events and those which connect directly with the events which are researched. This is not to trivialize other clashes between the two groups but simply as they did not affect the specific research done for this project.

Possible Project Bias

In the beginning of this project I would like to note the biases which could influence my work. Specifically that I am a first generation Canadian with Mother being a British citizen.  Though I attempt to see the history of the British Isles influence in India from a purely scholarly light I feel it necessary to explain where my project may contain these biases.

Timeline of the Influence of England on India

Project and Timeline