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Canada’s has one of the world’s most dynamic and robust food systems. Blessed with abundant natural resources and populated by people with an incredible range of native, foreign and domestic culinary traditions, it seems that just about any recipe associated with a traditional ethnic cuisine could be prepared using foods produced, or easily available, in Canada.  Close to 100 students in the Cultural Aspects of Food explored this idea using a class project during the fall semester of 2017

The exhibits in this collection were prepared by undergraduate students. Each exhibit started with a curiosity about an ethnic-culturally distinct cuisine and a cookbook  To create the exhibit, students did a primary analysis of the cookbook and a selected recipe, calculated the cost of preparing it for 4 adults, prepared a nutritional profile and conducted a basic value chain analysis for recipe’s essential and distinctive ingredients.  Students purchased their own ingredients, prepared their recipes and served their culinary creations to classmates in order to obtain feedback.  All students presented their research work in class, received reviews and wrote the text that appears in their exhibits.  With the exception of the images of cookbook covers, all photos in this exhibit were taken by students, and almost always on a smart phone.

The exhibit is arranged into 11 "kitchens" with 4 to 6 recipes each. Kitchen #1 features Vintage Recipes published before 1967; Kitchen #2 features New World Classics from Mexico and Peru. The next kitchens feature meat focused recipes; Kitchen #3 Pork, Kitchen #4 Beef, Veal or Lamb and Kitchen #5 Chicken and Fish. Kitchen #6 features rice dishes, while Kitchen#7 contains vegetarian dishes.  Kitchen#8 is for Soup and Kitchen#9 is for Appetizers. Kitchens #10 and #11 were needed for all the desserts. When you enter each kitchen, you will see a menu of the ethnic cuisines and the associated recipes. Each recipe and the student work follows.

Enjoy! Bon Appetit, Eet smakelik, Selamat makan, 请享用, Umeed hai key apko pasand aye, Prijatnogo appetita, 楽しい ,SAHTEIN ... and more

This exhibit was curated by Dr. Erna van Duren, Professor, School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management and Tianyue Yue, M.Sc. Student, School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management. 

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