Chapter 5, 6 May 1956


Chapter 5, 6 May 1956


Igor Stravinsky


Nadia Boulanger


6 May 1956


Paul Sacher Stiftung



Extracted Text

Boulanger to Stravinsky
May 6, 1956
1. Exact date of performance or rehearsal Canticum Venice
2. Which hotel will you be staying at? Bauer?
3. Would you prefer that Annette and I stay at a different hotel?
4. How long will you be in Venice?
[P.S.] Forgive me for bothering you with this . . . Plans must be made, rooms reserved. I’ve
received Canticum. What marvelous and powerful music! Thank you, your
Nadia B.
Boulanger à Stravinsky
6 mai 1956
1. Date exacte exécution, er rep. Canticum Venise
2. Quel hotel [sic] descendez-vous ? Bauer ?
3 Préfériez-vous qu’Annette et moi descendions autre hotel
4. Combien de temps restez-vous Venise [sic]
Pardon vous ennuyer, mais…il faut faire des plans. Retenir des chambres—Ai reçu Canticum,
quelle musique merveilleuse et forte. Merci, votre
Nadia B.



Nadia Boulanger, “Chapter 5, 6 May 1956,” Digital Exhibits, accessed April 24, 2024,

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