The Declaration of Feudal Holdings is an early sixteenth-century record of tenancy agreements and rent dues for the Abbey of Fontevraud in the fiefdom of Pignonniere, France. The manuscript is hand-written by Jean Bodin (a French jurist and member of the Parlement of Paris) in 1511 and was completed in a short period of thirty-eight days. This type of record is vital to a historical understanding of systems of administration in medieval France and can provide interesting social commentary on the people in Pignonniere under Fontevraud sovereignty. 

Fontevraud Abbey in 1511 was under the jurisdiction of Renée de Bourbon, Duchess of Lorraine, who took control of the Abbey in 1491. The Fontevraud Abbey stands out in history as the largest pre-modern order under female leadership in Europe. It is also the resting place of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204), wife of Henry II of England (r. 1154-1189). The Declaration depicts connections between vassals, the Abbey, and the King within a wider system of governance. The meticulous recording of the debts, payments, and trades of the tenants, among other information, paints a clear picture of medieval French daily life.

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