Historical Context

In 1847 John H. Sleeman moved to Guelph after selling his Stamford Spring Brewery in Upper Canada. After living in Guelph for four years he opened the legendary Silver Creek Brewery on Waterloo Avenue which was a huge hit to the public (Kidd, 2005). In 1865, George Sleeman Senior was named the official partner of his father’s brewing company after helping manage the business for seven years. With his new job position, George Sleeman Senior presented steam power, a storage cellar, and a malt house which raised production significantly (Kidd, 2005). Generation after generation of Sleeman men took on the business including George Sleeman Seniors son, George A. Sleeman who became an agent in Ottawa for Sleeman Brewing and Malting. In 1902 the bank took over the Silver Creek Brewery and as a reaction to this the Sleeman family opened a small rival brewery called the Spring Bank Brewery. After George Sleeman Senior retired from the business in 1905, the Sleeman family bought the Silver Creek Brewery back from the bank and combined it with the smaller Spring Creek Brewery. The Spring Creek Brewery was then renamed to Canadian Malt Products (Kidd, 2005).


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