In 1898, around the time Malt Extract was released as a product from the Druggist Corporation, the value of the product was sold at the same price as other malt extracts. The Consulting Chemist, Thomas Heys evaluated the Malt Extract product, giving it nothing but good reviews even saying “I have no hesitation in recommending this as a very pure and strong extract of Malt” (The Globe, 1898). The value of the product was critiqued positively to the public, increasing the value. Today the price of the Malt Extract labels varies in prices based on their company and rarity however they average at around $3.00 per label (ebay, 2016).

The value of this malt extract label has increased over the course of the semester from my perspective. It has taught me to work with minimum resources and make educated guesses on its story as well as gathering clues on its history. It was a great learning experience and an awesome opprotunity to see if artifact research is a career I would want to pursue. 

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