Purpose and Function

The purpose of any advertisement is to entice a possible customer to choose the advertised company over another. In order to do this, most companies will use bright colours or catchy slogan. They will put the most important part of the advertisement in the middle of the poster and will then use colours or images to draw the eye towards this center photo (Vestergard and Schroder 1985). Poster must have a quick and easy to read slogan so that the viewer can read it quickly and so that the slogan will be remembered long after the fact (Vestergard and Schroder 1985).   

In the case of this particular advertisement, colours are used to emphasize the middle of the picture, which has a picture of their farm equipment. They also compare themselves to the leaders, or monarchs of the world, including pictures of the monarchs for all major countries. They called themselves "the undisputed monarchs of the field" insinuating that they are the best agricultural company. By showing the leaders their costumers would have seen in newspapers, they are subtly telling their costumers that they too can be a leader in the world. An advertisement is vital to the success of a company. It allows customers to learn about a company they  may not have heard about and this leads to a whole new customer base. Massey Harris did this effectively and accroding to record their company experienced growth between the years of 1901 to 1909 (Ball 2013). It is impossible to tell if this advertisement was the cause of this growth but it may have had a positive impact.  

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