Historical Context


This pink ribbon can tell us about the manners as well as values that the Sleeman family was held up to, since this event was not ment for just ordinary people. 

The Royal Hotel seemed to be an extremely wealthy as well as prestigious hotel and it is possible that John H. Sleeman was invited to a Grand Opening event of the hotel seeing as though he had one of the most successful breweries in the Guelph/Berlin region. This tells us that the society and culture really valued those who were wealthy and those who had successful business. Although you may see the same behaviour now, it was much more rare to be considered wealthy and privileged in the times where John H. Sleeman thrived.  The hotel was meant for people who could afford the prices, and those were the people who were invited to this event held at the Royal Hotel (hence the name). Although there is scarce information about the Royal Hotel, it is obviously known that the hotel was rich in material as well as people.

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