Purpose and Function

The purpose of a beer label is to identify a brewery and a product, in this case the label identifies the Silver Creek Brewery’s Export Lager.  Trademarks, brand names and label designs became unique to help in the avoidance of forgery of labels (Rickards, 2000). The straight edges of the beer label occurred following the invention of automatic labeling machines which allowed quick and efficient production of beer labels (Rickards, 2000). Beer labels are also used to advertise and attract consumers with their design. Labels were often designed to appeal to consumers through the use of heritage or tradition. In this case the label features the signature of George Sleeman, possibly to appeal to the newly established tradition of brewing in the family. It also displays a beaver which could be a nod towards the breweries Canadian heritage. The label on one side features an image of both faces of a World’s Columbian Exposition medal. The medal would have been awarded at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, in recognition of an exceptional display and contributions at the exhibition (Wellington County,n.d.). On the other side of the label both faces of a Toronto Industrial Exhibition Association Award Medal, which would have been awarded at the Toronto industrial exhibition, can be seen. The medal likely would have been awarded for the same reason as the Columbian Exposition medal. These awards were probably included on the medal to indicate the quality of the product and how successful the company had been with their fair displays. Overall the function and purpose of a beer label would be to advertise and sell the product it identifies.

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