All of the postcards in this collection were preserved very well. They are all very intact and the printing on the card is still readable. There are also minimal signs of wear and tear, other than some discolouration, the postcards are in very good shape.

Some of the methods that they could have used to do this are properly storage in alkaline/buffered boxes and properly cleaned when needed. Some methods for storage are keeping them in a specially made box with some other postcards to keep them from curling up but not so many that the weight will damage the postcards. This method works even better if the postcards are placed in individual envelopes then placed in the box. For cleaning one of the best methods is: if it isn’t dirty don’t clean it. Usually there is no need to refurbish a postcard unless it has been stored somewhere extremely dirty. If cleaning is necessary the best suggestion is to use a vinyl eraser and a soft dusting brush, the eraser must be used carefully and in a certain fashion or it is sure to cause more damage.

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