The Druggist Corporation was a source of retail of medical supplies through the use of regular druggist in Toronto, Canada and they wanted their products to be of the highest quality if they were to sell it under their name (The Globe, 1898). Sleeman's Malt Extract product was seen as a breakthrough because it was of the best Canadian quality because it was worthy enough to be sold under the Druggist Corporations name and it also gained the support of the Medical Profession (The Globe, 1898). This product became a hit when certain features of the Malt Extract were achieved. These features included using the best Canadian Barley and fresh hops, using the lowest percentage of alcohol possible, applying all nutritional needs and guaranteeing the product was manufactured by the best Maltsters in America (The Globe, 1898). A huge part of the Sleeman family business was to tie their products to Canadian values and traditions and is the reason why during the creation process of the Malt Extract it was so important for the manufacturers to used Canadian Barley.

As for the physical Perfected Invalids Malt Extract label, the origin of its creation can be traced back to Barclay, Clark & Co Litho. Toronto. This is a Toronto Lithographing company which was created in 1898 under the direction of William Stone (ArchivesCanada, 2002). Lithography is a way to print images and text onto paper using the principle of the repelling of water and grease. A greasy crayon covers a stone surface which is then layered with a thin film of water. When the oil based ink is applied to the stone it is attracted to the grease, creating an image or text (Minneapolis Institute of Art, 2008). This was the method used to print this Malt Extract label.

It can be inferred that the label was created between 1898 and 1905. In 1898 the Toronto Lithographing Company was created and is the company that manufactured the label. Also the Globe and Mail released an article in 1898 that described the benefit of the new product under the Druggist Corporations name. It is most likely that the label and the Malt Extract were made in 1898, however the time frame can be stretched to 1905 as that is the year George Sleeman retired from the family business. The label specifically says it was “Specially Prepared by Geo. Sleeman” while also including a personal signature from George Sleeman himself to prove it was genuine therefore the label must have been created within the time frame before his retirement. 

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