How this ribbon ended up in the Sleeman Collection at the University of Guelph is still a mystery, since there is little to no evidence of its association with any members of the Sleeman family. There is a possibility that it was mixed into a donation of ribbons and programs from events that the Sleemans attended, or perhaps they did attend the event and this meeting badge did in fact belong to one of them. Either way, it is nearly impossible to trace the journey of this ribbon from the races to its current location.

It is unfortunate but the lack of solid proof and record of its travels make any assumptions or claims pure speculation. However, it is well documented that George Sleeman enjoyed sporting events and community involvement so it is reasonable to believe he may have attended the event and received the ribbon in return.

Due to its nature, this ribbon could have been put in collections alongside items such as betting papers, horse racing accessories, newspapers, award ribbons, records of winnings, as well as items associated with winter recreation such as skates, sleds, and cold weather attire.

This ribbon appears to be commemorative, however it was more than likely not intended to be kept this long, a feature which classifies it as ephemeral. The fact that the producers used ribbon instead of paper has contributed to its longevity and thus the chance for historians and students alike to study and analyze it. The ribbon proves to be a valuable reminder of times in Canada’s history that have all but been erased. 

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