While "value" is sort of an arbitrary concept, there is some value in this trade card. To someone looking to buy or sell this trade card, or one similar, there would be a dollar value. After searching ebay and other similar sites, the highest dollar value found on trade cards similar to this is around $10.00, but usually they sell for about four or five dollars. 

While that may not sound like much, the sentimental value far outweights any dollar value put on this trade card. It's such an important piece of Guelph history, and it tells a story, one that I've enjoyed uncovering. From my presective, studying this trade card as a student has created such a unique experience. I've learned so much from what I orignially thought was a "glorified busniess card" and now I know that these pieces of ephemera mean so much more. From this single trade card you can learn about the forms of advertising used in the time it was produced, and the busniess which it advertised, and this experience that I've had is priceless. 

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