The value of ephemera can be of many different scales. Posters in general are not of much monetary value unless the signify a great event or message, or was raved for by the people of that time. Research shows that the now Massey-Ferguson company’s previous posters have a monetary value of the range $20.00 - $80.00. The special artwork and rarity of the poster could be a reason for a higher value, as this is one of the few reprints that has survived time and the recycling. The methods in which it is being preserved could also increase value as it is in pristine condition.

 This poster also signifies the changes the company has gone through, in terms of leadership, technology, and profit. The poster is a tangible source of the company’s long run of progress. This would again increase the net value of the article.  

While this is the current price range the age-old posters are being sold at, I can add a greater value for the posters as they’ve brought educational value to me, personally. The more research that was done, the more my interest piqued for the agricultural history of Canada.