Purpose & Function

Despite being over a hundred years old, the intentions of advertising through posters remain the same. Posters are usually eye-catching pieces of work that are displayed for people on the street, when their minds are least guarded for judgement. This would an attempt to promote companies or events in a colorful and witty manner. It would be the most simple and effective form to get the point across to people passing by (Duce, 1912). The lithography artwork suggests a greater poster budget of the Company.  

The poster served the purpose of advertising Massey-Harris as a prominent agricultural machinery company in Europe. This poster was promoting the products sold in the market of Paris, France. It could an attempt to establish the brand in the European market. The poster has the printed text of the company and the address to the Paris store, thus establishing the brand of Massey-Harris products to this “138, Rue d’Allemagne, Paris” location.

Specifically, this poster conveys the message through the artwork of the (at the time) latest farming technology in an attractive way. The various equipment used through the huge expanse of land arguably displays efficiency, especially to the French farmers with similar expanses of land. This allows the poster to be relatable to the local farmers. This simplistic approach to the French community shows careful thought to the local, favored poster styles. 

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