The valentine & Sons publishing company was founded in 1825 in Dundee Scotland by John Valentine. It started out as a printing business and later branched off into different areas. His son James joined later on (1851) adding potrait photgraphy to the family business. In the 1860's they began taking photos of topographical views of Scotland in order to cater to touritsts. When James passed away in 1880 his two sons William and George took over the family business. They started producing postcards in 1897 using their father's and other photographer's pictures. Eventually the postcard was gradually replaced by greeting cards and the company was sold to Hallmark in 1980. 

The postcard was printed in Great Britain but the photo on the front was taken in Guelph, Ontario. It was printed between 1903-1922, those were the only years the company was operational under the name St. Patrick's Ward and Canadian production for the Valentine company didn't start till 1903.