Postcards can hold many different types of values for different people and for different reasons. For the original collector, this specific postcard of the first house in Guelph/the Priory/ St. George Station would have significant sentimental value to George Sleeman as the he bought the house in the picture to keep it from being demolished. It makes sense that Sleeman would want to have a picture of something he felt strongly enough about to purchase instead of it being destroyed.

             Ephemera and all collected items have the potential to carry with them a history. This is relevant to researchers and students and they must search for history in everyday items in order fill gaps in history or other research. Post cards are relevant to history when looking at technology, communication levels, sociology or wanting an in depth look at what interested a society at a certain time. This postcard would have significant value to anyone studying the history of Guelph as it provides and image of the first house in the city, this can give information on technology and skills of the people at the time. The image can also reflect the technological levels as it was called a train station at the time of its production.

            Outside of sentiment or research, postcards may hold a monetary value that varies depending on each postcard. Usually the monetary value of postcards is minimal. Postcards were never very expensive and have not gained any monetary value since their original production. However, what is written on the postcards can increase its value. Such as if it had some countries stamp or a message to a loved one, or secret codes embedded in its writings. Unfortunately, this postcard was never used, and for this the monetary value suffers. The monetary value for postcards related the St. George Station postcard, or ones with a similar picture is about ten to thirteen dollars USD on eBay. However, this is higher than the price of most postcards that usually are appraised to under five dollars.  

            As a researcher, I was depending on the information and clues embeded on this postcard. through my research the value of this postcard to me is substantial. It holds both a sentimental and historical value to me as a researcher and a person. I have spent the past two months with this postcard dissecting all the information I can from it. I have learned so much about postcards, George Sleeman, Guelph and research technique through this postcard. This knowledge and these skills will be a significant advantage to me in the future. 

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