Postcards have more than one type of value, one of the values is monetary. Through my research I could not find a specific price for this item but I did find prices for other postcards in the collection which allowed me to make an educated guess that this postcard would sell for around $10 Canadian. There are many factors that would impact this value. For example the state that the postcard is in would greatly affect the price; if the postcard had writing on it or was bent, crinkled,or ripped it would not be worth as much as a clean, well kept version of this postcard. Another factor that could affect the price is the fact that it is apart of the George Sleeman collection. Since Sleeman was such an influential and important person in Guelph this could increase the amount that a buyer would be willing to pay for the card.

Postcards also hold sentimental value. To someone who is not from Guelph or has had no association with Guelph this postcard would just seem like any other postcard. However, to someone who lived in the area of the school, had a family member attend the school or attended the school themselves this postcard would be worth much more to them. This is because of it’s intrinsic value. Even though it may seem like a piece of paper to someone with no association to Guelph, to someone familiar with the school it could be an item that holds a lot of memories of their past.
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