This beer label has great research value in regards to the history of Guelph, the Sleeman family, and the Sleeman Company. The label gives insights to the company around the time it was produced through its imagery and printing. The label also provides evidence of printing techniques of the late 1800’s, and the printing companies of the time. The label is also able to offer sentimental value for Guelph residents, the Sleeman family & the Sleeman Company. The typical numerical ‘value’ of a regular vintage beer label online ranges from around $0.10 to $7.00. This is the kind of value that is assigned to these objects when someone is looking to buy, sell, or trade them. 

Personally, however, this beer label has been an extremely valuable learning tool and experience. I have learned about all kinds of historical information one can gain from simple ephemera, and throughout this course I have been able to improve my information gathering skills. While at the beginning I did not think I could get very far with just a beer label I have now discovered all kinds of information that this beer label holds. From this beer label I have been able to learn so much about the production process, advertising, and the Sleeman Company. Being able to discover history from this label has been a very unique experience and that to me would make this label priceless in value.

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