The value of this trade card is entirely dependant on the individual using it. People may value this item strictly as a historical reference, others may value this item in terms of its financial worth, and some may even have emotional attachments or feelings associated with this trade card.

This trade card offers historical information regarding mens clothing and Guelph,Ont. in the year 1890. This information can be of great value to researchers and anybody interested in that time period. 

There is also a dollar value associated with all trade cards depending on the time it was created, the condition, and what the trade card was advertising. Some trade cards that were bought for ten cents years ago frequently can be sold for up to ten dollars in present time. In todays market some rare trade cards have reportedly sold for over a thousand dollars. (Crane, 2016) 

This trade card can also provide an emotional value or attachment. This trade card may have been passed down from generation to genereation carrying a strong family bond with it. Others may find an emotional value in this trade card due to their interest with the time period or what is being advertised on the card. 

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