XA3MSA023_Poster_Various.jpg 2016-11-30.png

Arthur Hider's signature on the bottom right picture of the poster.

    This is a poster advertising the Massey-Harris company, specifically their agricultural machinery. As stated, the poster was created and then printed, indicating mass production, being printed by Orchard & Ind Limited in Gloucester, England. The poster was designed by Arthur Hider, indicated by the signature within the bottom right hand picture, stating A.H Hider.

    Arthur Hider (1870-1952), was an artist, originally from England then residing within Toronto, most famously known for a variety of drawings he made for calendars. Hider's relation to Massey-Harris is through the variety of drawings he created for many of the company's promotional calendars ("Arthur Henry Hider," 2005). The production of the poster was a form of printing called lithography, which consisted of printing based on oil and water. This form of printing was a very common form of printing within the early twentieth century.

    Within the various pictures on the poster it is repeatedly stated that the company being advertised is Massey-Harris. Due to the merger of Massey Ferguson in 1953 (Iwen), it is evident that the poster must have been created before this time. As well, Hider was most involved with Massey-Harris calendars during the early 1900s, during the time of many famously recorded calendars. Through the presented information, it is hypothesized that the poster dates during the turn of the twentieth century, around 1900-1910.

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