This item was preserved by the Sleeman family as part of the Sleeman Collection. This collection was created to illustrate Sleeman’s impact on Canada through the past 150 years (Obn, 2013). At some time during its production this label was added to the collection to illustrate some aspects of the Sleeman company during the time of the Silver Creek Brewery. The excellent condition that this label is in reveals the great amount of care that was present in its preservation as a historical artifact. John W. Sleeman was responsible for the donation of this collection to University of Guelph McLaughlin Library Archives, and to the revival of the Sleeman brewing company (Obn, 2013). John W. Sleeman began the revival of his family’s brewery after receiving his grandfather's recipe book. In 1985 John Sleeman purchased back his family's company and it became one of the fastest growing businesses in Canada. In 2013 he decided to donate the Sleeman Collection to the University of Guelph McLaughlin Library Archives, allowing them to preserve and make the collection visible to the public (Obn, 2013).