My Postcard as an Historical Artifact

front postcard.jpeg

On the front of the postcard there is a hand drawn photo of Urquhart Castle, along with the Urquhart family crest, and their plant badge; the wallflower. The postcard is fairly large in size and was printed in England. The photo of Urquhart castle likely depicts a period of time in the 18th century as the castle looks fairly worn down.  Urquhart castle has for centuries played an important role in the control of a key route through the Scottish Highlands. Built in the 13th century the castle changed hands several times during the Wars of Independence, witnessed violent clan rivalry and withstood Jacobite uprisings (Samson,1982).The strategic importance of the site commanding the upper part of the Great Glen was recognized early, and many famous Scottish lords have held power there such as William the Lion, Edward I, John Grant, among many others (Samson,1982). After sustaining countless battles from the 13th to 17th centuries the castle was left to the mercy of natural elements as until 1912 when the ruins were handed over to the Ancient Monuments Department. Excavation and repair began immediately, but were interrupted by the war. They were resumed in 1919 and completed in 1922 and Urquhart Castle has since become a prime tourist destination (Samson,1982). 

back postcard.jpeg

The back of the postcard provides little background information about the Urquhart clan and their origin. They are a clan from the time of David II reign of power in Scotland.  It also gives the name of the Urquhart Clans family plant badge which is located on the front of the postcard. 

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