About My Postcard

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This is an example of a Valentine's Series postcard, this postcard is called "View at Honey Harbour" and it was taken in Georgian Bay, Ontario (no copyright infringement is intended). 

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This is another example of a Valentine's Serious postcard taken in Toronto. The photograph is entitled "Lagoon: Island Park, Toronto". These postcards were apart of 'The Toronto Postcard Club' after reaching Canada. (no copyright infringement is intended). 

About My Postcard:

This postcard was produced by BRITISH MANUFACTURE and was apart of the VALENTINE’S SERIES. It is the standard postcard size which is typically 5.8 x 4.1 inches as well as having a layout of the street and in writing it says 'Bridge Street, Dunfermline' on the top middle and a picture of the street covering the entire front. The back of the postcard was standard with a space for writing, a spot for an address and a spot for a stamp. This postcard looks to be intended for tourists, it shows the beauty of Dunfermline and potential activities. The audience is implicitly identified and could be directed to any person looking to travel to Scotland. The physical words on the postcard were only where the picture was taken (Bridge Street, Dunfermline). 

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This is a reminder that still currently stands of the industrial heritage in Dunfermline and how it has developed into the town it is today. (no copyright infringement is intended). 

Important Significances of the Period in Time in Which this Postcard was Made:

Dunfermline is an extremely industrial city In the 1700’s it became very important for its linen industry and by the end of the 1800s there were five coal mines close and within the city (undiscoveredscotland, 2019). It is thought that by around 1845 approximately 3,000 handlooms were found in Dunfermline. This was the start of mechanical weaving in the British industry, it also introduced the easy availability of cotton (Map images, (n.d.). The 1800s when this postcard was produced, was a big-time for Dunfermline. It was the beginning of a town being transformed. The 1800s was the start of schools, concert halls and the majority of houses being built in Dunfermline (Park & Russell, 2014). The time in which this postcard was created was a very significant part of Dunfermline's history, it shaped the city into the industrial town that it is known as today.      

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