Places in my Postcard

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Main Street, Kilwinning

The postcard On the Garnock, near Kilwinning is based upon the banks of River Garnock, located in Ayrshire, Central Scotland. (Nugent, 2018). Kilwinning was a civil parish and is known as The Crossroads of Ayrshire. It dates back to the 8th century, when St. Winning founded a church in Kilwinning (Arbuckle, 2017).

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River Garnock

St. Winning was an Irish missionary who travelled to Scotland. He had converted many locals to Christianity (Moulton, Macleod, Cameron & Simpson, 2019). Moreover, River Garnock is the smallest of six principal rivers in Ayrshire and connects a diversity of habitats for a variety of wildlife. The town consists of fine, rustic scenery and is based around modern and historic architecture.

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Abbey Ruins & Heritage Centre

 Furthermore, Kilwinning offers tourists beautiful sights to explore. Caught tightly in between the Main Street of the North Ayrshire town of Kilwinning and a housing estate, lies the treasure of Kilwinning Abbey (Monaghan, 2015). Kilwinning Abbey Ruins and Heritage Centre was dedicated to St.Winning. It is a 12th century Medieval Abbey and revolves around a clock tower that is visible throughout most parts of the town. (Monaghan, 2015). Additionally, the sight provides guided tours that allows visitors to gain insight on the history of the Abbey that's located in Kilwinning (Arbuckle, 2017). This is a significant landmark as it is known for being one of the grandest in the country.

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Kilwinning Abbey

The Kilwinning Abbey formerly consisted of two western towers but both had been demolished by the year 1814 (Moulton, Macleod, Cameron & Simpson, 2019). Additionally, the 100 foot clock tower that is currently standing today had been completed in 1816 and guided tours offer access to the rooftop (Arbuckle, 2017). This remarkable landmark is open throughout the year for visitors to enjoy and locals to reminisce about Scottish history.

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