Places in My Postcard


Alloway Village in Ayr (no copyright infringement intended)


Sandy Beach in Ayr (no copyright infringement intended)

Ayr & Alloway Village

This postcard is situated in Ayr, a small seaside town on the westside of Scotland, south of Kilmarnock. Ayr is a popular holiday town, with many tourist attractions and accommodations, it's popularity derives from its sandy beaches that offer year round holidays(Ayr Visitor Guide, 2019). Burns’ cottage, the subject of the postcard, is located on the south side of Ayr in Alloway Village. One of the most scenic towns in Scotland is Alloway Village, making it a perfect place for tourists. Alloway Village was once seperated from the town known as Ayr, but it is now a part of it(Undiscovered Scotland, n.d.). The Brig o' Doon in the village is another beautiful place boasting a strong history(Ayr Visitor Guide, 2019). The cottage is just one landmark in the village full of historical landmarks. The Cottage allows Alloway Village in Ayr to keep it's distinction in Scotland. 


Outside of Burns' Cottage (no copyrigth infrigement intended)


Robert Burns (no copyright infringement intended)

Burns' Cottage 

The postcard depicts the Roberts Burns' museum. The photo exclusivley features the interior of Burns' cottage, which is located on Alloways modern main street. The postcard is directly linked to Robert Burns himself, as the cottage is his birthplace in Ayr (Daiches, 2019). This residence is now a museum to commemorate Burns life as his contribution to Scottish life is important in Scotlands literary history. Robert Burns was born in Alloway and his cottage pictured in the postcard is where he spent most of his life(Daiches,2019). Burns was the national poet of Scotland, writing important lyrics and songs(Daiches,2019). The cottage has been existent for many years, with emphasis on keeping it in it's original form as it is shown on the postcard.  


Inside of Burns' Cottage (no copyright infringement intended)

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