Places in My Postcard


The “Gordon Tartan, Aboyne Castle, Seat of the Gordons” postcard depicts the Gordon Tartan pattern as the background, with the Gordon Clan crest on the top right. The image placed on the lower left corner of the postcard show Aboyne Castle, of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Aboyne Castle, built during the 1220’s (the exact year is unknown) (Coventry, 2006). Aboyne, starting with the Bisset family, was passed down many times throughout history. Walter Bisset and his family, after murdering the Earl of Atholl, fled to Ireland. The castle then continued to be passed down, and in the 15th century became property on the Gordons of Huntly (Coventry, 2006). Through the years, Aboyne has remained as property of the Gordon Clan, and is still owner today as private property today. Near the castle is the Loch of Aboyne, and many ornamental plantations. The surrounding grounds are used as fly-fishing areas now, with agreement from the current owners. The castle has been rebuilt over time to fix damage, including renovations in 1671, 1801, 1869, and though the 1970s to reduce the size (Forder, 2015). There are annual highland games held during the summer on the castle grounds as well, hosted by the Huntly family. 

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