About the Curator


My name is Lacey Papple, I am a first year student attending the University of Guelph.  I am from a small town called Seaforth located in Huron Country, Western Ontario, which has a large history of Scottish settlement.  I live on my family farm which has been in our family since the 1940’s. A lot of my background is Scottish which has made the research that I have done in this course very interesting at a personal level.  Through my research of Scottish postcards it has allowed me to see and feel connected with the land and places that my ancestors lived. Many of my ancestors settled in Huron Country during the 1800’s, they came from a mix of a few different areas in Scotland.  Many were from Kirkcudbergihtshire but some also came from Ayrshire, the shire that Kilwinning is located in.  

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