My Postcard as an Historical Artefact


   The Abbotsford Library postcard is part of the valentine's series and is a guarantee of British Manufacturer. This postcard seems like it would be intended for an older population because of its linkage to the famous Sir Walter Scott. The postcard began to circulate nationally in 1895 (Postview, 2011). The postcard today serves the purpose of keeping the reputation of Sir Walter Scott’s Abbotsford home alive. Observing the postcard of the Abbotsford library can interpret many things of the past. The grand, dark, rich design of the library can give insight on what the architecture was like in Scotland during the early nineteenth century. They showed history in there infrastructure by using dark colours and height in the way people chose to display things. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 8.39.59 PM.png

   The Abbotsford library was built from the proceeds of Sir Walter Scott’s written works and it was open to the public to go and view his giant collection of books and artefacts that had a lot of rich and historical content in them (Abbotsford House, 2019). The Abbotsford was located in the centre of the Scottish Borders. Looking closely at this postcard, there is a portrait hanging in the centre of the room of Sir Walter Scott himself, along with the company of his horse. In most of his pictures he is accompanied by dogs or horses and this essentially represents loyalty. This postcard can be used to study various things including how gender is perceived, and the reason behind the aesthetics that are used.

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