My Postcard as an Historical Artifact


My postcard is a photo of Stirling Castle. This postcard is apart of the Valentines “Carbotone” series. This postcard shows the Stirling Castle from the back walk in which you cannot see the famous Stirling Bridge. My postcard does not really show the castle very well as it is shot from a low position and looking up on the castle. Although you can see the view that the castle has. This postcard looks like it was published at some point during the 1920s-1930s. In this time not much tourism was happening as the great depression happened in 1929. This postcard was made to reach audiences in a way for people to come and visit Scotland. Stirling Castle was the home to some of the most important people in Scottish history and this postcard shows where these people lived before the rise of tourism in the late 1900s and early 2000s. This postcard could appeal to anyone interested in old Scottish History as Stirling Castle was a very important location during the Scottish Wars of Independence. My postcard does not have any tells of being bought and used, there is no writing, stamps or date on the postcard. This postcard would have value to people who are studying early Scottish history as it can show the development of the castle from a place where monarchs lived and vacationed to a tourism destination. This Scottish destination is perfect for anyone who wants to look at some of the most important locations in Scottish history.

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