My Postcard as an Historical Artifact


Loch Katrine, Ellen's Isle - Postcard Front (no copyright infringement intended)


Loch Katrine, Ellen's Isle - Postcard Back (no copyright infringement intended)


Loch Katrine (no copyright infringement intended)

The postcard shows that the time period was in a rural setting. Some visual motifs that are present in the postcard are; the freshness of the lake, ruggedness that’s shown from the mountains in the distance, serene scenic aspects of the image: the small trees and flowers, small birds that in the water and the mountains present. Lastly, there’s a summertime motif. That motif is shown through the lake; the clearness of the water, the sun reflecting off of it and the vibrant colours of the flowers and trees. There’s no evidence that it’s in a modern time period because the only ‘modern’ item present it the small boat in the water. These motifs about the landscape relate to the historical perception of Scotland. Historical Scotland was known for their ‘natural & rugged’ aspects of their highlands. These aspects made Scotland stand out, making it a popular tourist attraction. What these motifs reflect about Soctland during that period of history is, the appreciation of the natural scenic views. According to John and Margaret Gold, freshness and purity are typical depictions when describing the highland scenery (Gold, 1995, pg. 4). Historical Scotland was known for their natural landscapes, hence, postcards that were distributed normally had different iconic landscapes on the cover. Scotland took pride in their scenic views, so they wanted to share it with the world to persuade people to visit their country. As a result, they become one of the top places for tourists back then and even now! 

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