Historical Context


“Stirling Castle, The Palace” has amazing surroundings, especially the views of the highlands of Scotland. As it sits ironically on the top of Castle Hill, Stirling Castle majestically overlooks all of Scotland, high and low, as nature flourishes in the rainy and mountainous land of the Scots. By being in the middle of Scotland, Stirling has views of the southern lowlands, along with the rugged highlands in the north, being a perfect dividing ground. Aside from the astonishing background, Stirling Palace has architecture that is very detailed, and at such a large scale it is incredible how people did this before the introduction of heavy machinery. This very site witnessed one of Scotland’s most important victories. The first war of Scottish independence was fought on the Stirling Bridge, just downhill from the castle. This postcard of the back wall of Stirling can tell us many things about the time when it was created, and used. One in which is thought to be taste and the artistic style of the image and what direction they chose to depict, as their personal preferences to show people exactly where they are. What was especially popular in the time, was the elegant masonry and large-scale building to make the castle seem impenetrable from the enemy and give the castle some status of being glorious and provide virtue. Finally, it shows that Stirling Castle was especially popular in its early time, as many people came here from across the world to visit Scotland and its serenity, along with the cultural traits thrown into the Palaces decoration and design.

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