My Postcard as an Historical Artifact

clan grant.jpg

Clan Grant

The stamp “Grant” on the postcard represents Clan Grant, a prevalent clan throughout Scottish history. The Clan was apart of many wars and battles fought throughout history, including the 17th century civil war and the Jacobite uprisings. The stamp serves as a marketing tactic, advertising the highland clan to the public. It also uses the Clan’s main colours in the background of the postcard. The postcard is not dated, so we cannot observe what events within the time period of the postcard Clan Grant would've been a part of. However, this may relate to the theme of hierarchy, and that Clan Grant was amongst the elite in society. They were a Clan to look up to and for the public to aspire being a part of. The Clan regardless is notorious in Scotland, and is still functioning to this day. 


Luss is a village located on the west bank of Loch Lomond, and has some interesting history behind it. Over 1000+ years ago, St Kessog, an Irish Missionary, arrived at Loch Lomond to attempt and spread Christianity. St. Kessog was later martyred and his body was sprinkled with sweet herbs. The legend is that the herbs grew over his grave, giving the name for the village "Luss" meaning herb in gaelic. Luss grew to became a famous village and tourist attraction in Scotland. The Scottish themes of purity and nature are prevalent through the village and pier, and truly embrace Scottishness.

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