My Postcard as an Historical Artifact

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The publisher of the postcard is identified reliable series. Reliable series is a publishing company that is based in the United Kingdom during the 20th century. Reliable series was created by the company William Richie & Sons Ltd. This postcard might be a part of a series because when looking up the publishing company it seemed that they produced multiple different series of postcards from Scotland in the early 1900s. The postcard is a standard postcard size based off of the fact that the photograph does not go right to the edge of the paper and because when viewing it in person, it was the same size as most of the postcards in the exhibit. The time period that this postcard comes from is the late 1800s to the early 1900s because of the fact that instead of a drawing, it is a photograph as the image. This implies that it was published at a later time because photography was not accessable until the early 20th century.

There is no specific audience identified but because it shows an image of women in the highlands it would be appropriate to guess that it was for someone who has an interest in the history of the Scottish Highlands and how they do their daily tasks. This postcard displays women’s roles in house/backyard work during this time period, it also shows what was considered to be the appropriate dress, and because it is a photograph, displays that during the time photographs were accessible. Reliable series postcards are listed on Ebay at a considerably high value even though it is ephemera but it could be considered valuable to someone that is interested in studying the history of the highlands because it gives a great insight into what daily life would look like. This postcard is valuable to people who are researching historical aspects of the Scottish highlands because it is a primary source and insight into what it would look like to be there. It could also have sentimental value because a loved one could have sent it or because it could be a place that someone had grown up and misses home.

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