Places in my Postcard

Scott Souvenir (front).png Scott Souvenir (back).png

This postcard is unique through the fact that it physically provides a sample of Scotland. Stated on the postcard, it is made out of oak wood from a tree that was planted in Scott Country by Sir Walter Scott. The quote chosen to depict Scotland’s terrain correlates with the description in Christopher Smout’s article “Tours in the Scottish Highlands from the Eighteenth to Twentieth Centuries.” In the article, Smout depicts the landscape as “an infertile mass of soggy brown hills interspersed with bleak lakes and sealochs, thinly wooded…” This parallels how Scotland is depicted in the quote engrained into the postcard where both accounts associate the colour brown and the wood. The similarity in description of Scotland provides insight towards how Scotland’s landscape was viewed during that time which is important from a historian's perspective in understanding how the view may have been similar or different overtime and from different lenses (tourist versus local). 

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