Introduction to the Material


The MacDonald-Glencoe postcard was printed by the Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. of London, United Kingdom starting in the year 1908 until the year 1914. The postcard is part of the Scottish Clans Series II collection as a set of 6 individual postcards. Each postcard displayed the tartan and sigil of various Scottish Clans, as well as an insert depicting a scene of the locale in which the clans are located. The MacDonald-Glencoe postcard also shows a plant and a coat of arms. The plant indicated is Common Heath which is a shrub plant that is native to Australia but grows quite well in the Scottish climate. The coat of arms is that of the MacDonald of the Isles which is depicted as a red eagle behind a lymphad (more commonly known as a Galley) with its sails furled, as well as a hand holding a crucifix, all placed on a yellow shield. Other item shown on the postcard include the MacDonald of Glencoe tartan, which differs slightly from the traditional MacDonald Tartan, and an image of Glen Coe. Glen Coe is a beautiful area of the Scottish Highlands that is part of the Ben Nevis and Glen Coe National Scenic Area (the British equivalent of a national park) and is traditionally the area of the MacDonalds of Glencoe. The card can still be found for sale today for the average price of $4 USD, which would be roughly 22 cents at the time of original sale.

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