Places in My Postcard


Photo of the Scottish Highlands

 © juriskraulis/Adobe Stock

The location depicted in the postcard is the Alexandra Hotel in Inverness, Scotland. Inverness is the major city in the Scottish Highlands, and was a very popular tourist destination throughout the development of tourism in Scotland (Butler, 1983). Due to its popularity, Inverness was home to many hotels and other attractions for tourists of Scotland. These would include many railway hotels that emerged in the mid to late 19th century through the development of new railway lines leading to the Highlands (Durie, 2017). Not only does the postcard name Inverness in the title but also Ness Walk. This is due to the river of the Loch Ness running through Inverness. Before the legend of the Loch Ness Monster became popular in the 1930s (Durie, 2017), Loch Ness would have contributed to the fresh and natural scenery that attracted a large variety of tourists to the Scottish Highlands. Like all of the Highlands, Inverness would have welcomed tourists of all kinds, from hunters and fishers to those who wished to take in the ruins and the traditional Highland culture (Durie, 2017). Inverness would had all of this wrapped in a little tartan bow for its visitors.

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