Places in my Postcard


This postcard is coined as "Sweetheart Abbey", it is located near Dumfries.


A sweet message from Dorothy on the back of the "Sweetheart Abbey".


Sweetheart Abbey today (no copyright infrigement is intended).


Side profile of Sweetheart Abbey today (no copyright infrigement is intended).


Stratford, ON (no copyright infrigement is intended).

Although this postcard does not feature the name of a publisher, author or photographer, it provides a location. The location featured in this postcard is Sweetheart Abbey. Sweetheart Abbey is located southwest of Dumfries, Scotland. It is built next to the small village of New Abbey and nearby to the river of Nith. Dorothy, the sender of this postcard, also refers to a place called “K.P.D” . I assume this to be The Galloway Arms Hotel in Dumfries or the Abbey Arms Hotel, as they are the most famous and closest to the actual landmark. The postcard is formatted in the modern version, that was updated after March 1, 1907. Therefore, that is why the backside of the card is split into half a message and half the recipient address. This postcard was sent from a hotel in Dumfries, near Sweetheart Abbey, all the way to Stratford, Ontario, Canada. That means this postcard travelled over 5600km. Once the postcard was received in Stratford, it remained in Canada. Today, it is preserved in the University of Guelph Archive Collection.

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