My Postcard as an Historical Artifact

Gordon Tartan, Aboyne Castle, the Seat of the Gordons .jpg back of postcard.jpg

The publisher of this postcard is identified on the back of the card as Valentine’s, referring to Valentine & Sons Publishing Co. The card also shows the fact that it was published as part of the “Artotype” series. Valentine & Sons established themselves in Dundee, Scotland during the 1820s (TPCC, 2016). They then grew in popularity, and the “artotype” series that produced the “Aboyne Castle” postcard was printed with tinted halftones, matching the landscape colours of the postcard, making the colours of the card much duller. The postcard seems to be made for older groups of people, travellers, and those with a connection through lineage to the Gordon Clan. The crest shown on the top right of the card shows the family crest of the Gordon Clan. The picture used in the bottom left, of Aboyne Castle, shows the time that the postcard was taken. The renovations to the castle can be shown, identifying the time in which the picture was taken. The Crest on the top right, showing the words “animo non astutia” (“by courage, not cunning”), can show the values maintained by the clan through history ("Gordon Clan Crest, Bydand Motto, Gordon Family Gifts", n.d.). The publishing information located on the back of the card can show the development of the Valentine & Sons company, as well as their series development, and Scottish roots. The card can be used today for study of the Clan Gordon, and to identify the places of historical importance in Scotland. The value of the postcard is not only education in terms of historical research, but also may have sentimental value to those connected to the Gordon Clan.

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