Places in my Postcard


The Palace that William Wallace fought for. This postcard compels a sublime view of the back entrance to the castle. This postcard is apart of the “Carbotone” collection or “series” as it says, by The Valentine Company, a lithographic printing enterprise. No other information is on the postcard due to the deterioration of the back of the card. The size is a little larger than a postcard that you might find today but is still not that very big. This type of landmark postcard may be used by any age group, young or older if you know someone who travels, and therefore, there is no intended audience. This postcard is a perfect historical perspective, of what the castle would have looked like, with its surroundings and mountainous highland landscape back in the 19th century. Also, the card has a significant historical importance due to the personal perspective given to people around the globe about postcards exactly like Stirling castle, and what tourism would have looked like all these years ago. The main purpose of the use of this postcard would be to research Scottish tourism and landscape, before the industrialization of the West. It might also have sentimental value since the royals of Scotland stayed there throughout their lifetimes. Home of the oldest (soccer) football, Stirling Castle has many artifacts and features that make being at it so astounding (The Scotsman, 2015). The importance is the feature in the postcard, not the card itself.

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